Yoga Classes With A Twist

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Yoga SUP
If you really want to give your muscles a workout, book a Yoga SUP class. You work through your favourite yoga moves while balancing on an SUP board. Unlike a mat, the SUP board gives you immediate feedback and lets you know if you’re slightly off balance. Plus it’s a great way to engage your core. So slick on the sunscreen and step outside.
SWEAT IT: Watercooled, Jebel Ali.

Flying Yoga
Mixing yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage, this class helps you workout and stretch out. With the help of a partner you do a series of moves that test your balance and flexibility. Yes, if you ever needed to work on your communication skills, this is the place to do it.
SWEAT IT: Zen Yoga ( and at Safa Park every Friday during the winter months.

If someone suggested that you workout in the August sunshine you would think they were mad, but Bikram, aka hot yoga, encourages you to do just that. They hike up the temperature in the room that helps warm up your muscles and sweat out the toxins [check] – and once people try it they are addicted.
SWEAT IT: Club Stretch (Dubai Marina and Satwa).


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Full Moon Yoga
If you’re bored with omm-ing between the four walls of your yoga studio, take your workout outside. Each Full Moon, Talise Spa offer a yoga class on the beach at Al Qasr. You can enjoy doing your downward dog while listening to the waves lapping on the shore.
SWEAT IT:  See for class information.

Bollywood Yoga
Bollywood choreographer Meghna Naidu has brought this fusion class to Dubai. During the 60-minute class, you start with 15 minutes of traditional yoga, before you take part in some high energy Bollywood dancing. If anything is going to get you out of a post-work funk, this has got to be it.
SWEAT IT: Meghna Naidu Academy,

Swing Yoga
Gwyneth Paltrow loves this yoga class with a twist and you will too. It’s the ultimate way to stretch out and you do it with a mini hammock to support you. You’ll do things you were never thought possible.
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