Strength Moves For Runners

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Nike Master Trainer Brian Cochran of Engine Health & Fitness demos two strength moves that will help you improve your running and score a personal best.

Dynamic Runners Lunge And Twist
If you’re suffering from tight hips and thorax, this will move will help restore your flexibility.

1 Go into a lunge position. Put your right foot forward and your left back. Now twist your body and place your left hand on the floor and point your right arm towards the ceiling.

2 Now place both hands on the floor and push back to the start position.

3 Step forward with your left foot and repeat the same process on the other side. Do this 12-15 times each side.





Single Knee Deadlift
If you have tightness in your hip and knee joints, this drill will help strengthen those areas. 

1 Stand on your right leg and as you lean forward, you left arm must move toward the floor and your left leg back.

2 Now rise and drive your left knee upwards. Keep your left arm straight and right arm bent, to help power you through the motion.

3 Swap sides. And repeat 12-15 times both sides.

knee lift 1



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