5 Rules For Weight-Lifting Girls

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Olympian weight lifter Natalia Tsoulia tells us how to lift those weights correctly. Masterclass alert!

RULE 1: Keep your back steady – don’t move it forward.
RULE 2: Don’t lift the weight using your hands, you must power through your legs.
RULE 3: When you lift, make sure that you keep the bar – and therefore the weight – close to your body.
RULE 4: Pull with speed.
RULE 5: Weight lifting is all about squats, so make sure you squat a lot!

YOU’RE DOING IT RIGHT WHEN…  you have results. For example, when you keep adding weight and it feels very easy as heavy as it is.
YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG… when the weight is felt on your knees and not on your heels. This means you are moving forward when you start and this is not good! The weight needs to be felt at the back part of your body, such as your hips, as this is where your strongest muscles are found.



Natalia competed on home ground in the Greek Olympics 2004.


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