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When the mercury is rising, you need to clutch your water bottle as tightly as you do your smartphone. So we’ve tracked down the hottest pieces of kit out there


ohyo water bottle amazon. gbp5.49


Ohyo Collapsible Water Bottle
Once you’ve finished your protein drink, you can collapse down this bottle and leave more room in your kit bag. Also wins points for having a wide top so it’s easy to clean too.
USD9, amazon.co.uk


hydracoach firebox.com gbp15.95


This bottle ain’t just pretty, it’s clever too. It not only tracks your intake of fluid, but it calculates how much more you need to quaff too. If you’re ever confused about how much H2O you need to drink, this shouldn’t be far from your side.
USD24, firebox.com

nathan water bottle gbp19.95


Nathan Quick Shot
This 300ml water bottle will give you a burst of hydration on short training runs, and the zippered pocket will also help solve that security pass/house key problem too.
USD30, sports stores


camelbak groove gbp25


Camelbak Groove
Just pour in regular tap water and let the filter in the straw work its magic. Guaranteed filtered water for three months.
USD25, amazon.com


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