Celebrity Trainer’s Gym Bag Revealed!

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Exclusive! Jessica Alba’s PT Ramona Braganza tells The Sweat Shop readers what she has stashed in her tote. Pencils at the ready!


Jump Rope
“As someone who is often training clients in their homes or in parks or on set, I find that this is a perfect way to get them warmed up and burning calories. And by incorporating interval training, such as including two minute rounds of cardio between strength exercises, they reach their weight-loss goals quicker!”


A Heart Rate Monitor
“Using a heart rate monitor helps me to make sure that my clients are in the right training zone. I love my Omron HR500U because there are no straps, you wear it like a watch and it’s accurate!”


“There are many times that music can save a workout. Inspiration from songs can help us to train harder, longer and boost our mood.  I love to add new songs to my playlist often stealing suggestions from my clients.”


“Fuelling up before and after a workout is essential. I usually find snacks such as fruit and fibre fill me up. I love oranges and handful of almonds. Sometimes I throw an energy bar in the bag or if I want a salty treat, I’ll have Pirates Booty [rice puffs] in Aged White Cheddar. At only 65 calories in a half ounce bag, it’s a perfect treat!”


Water bottle
“Of course I always have a litre-and-a half water bottle with me, my favourite size, and when I’m looking for some flavour I toss in a zero-calorie drink like Vitaminwater Zero. Being as little as 2% dehydrated can impede your fitness performance.”

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Follow Ramona at www.ramonabraganza.com and @ramonabraganza. Ramona also holds fitness retreats in Mexico and Europe. Visit www.fitnesstravelcompany.com to claim your place.



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