Make Your Gym Gear Go The Distance

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Hold on to your favourite top and kicks with a little help from the experts.

Fitness Gear
Make sure that your workout gear stays top of the class with a little help from clothing gurus Lorna Jane (
The Lorna Jane team suggest that you wash your kit on a gentle, cold setting using mild detergent. Do not use fabric conditioner as this can inhibit wicking capabilities in technical fabrics. Then line dry in the shade without delay. If it’s a fluro fabric, Lorna Jane says that you can prolong colour intensity by pre-washing your clothing separately in cold water with one tablespoon of salt, then turning it inside out and washing with mild detergent on a gentle setting. Then leave it to line dry indoors.

Running Shoes
Asics ( reveals how you can keep your shoes race ready
Once you’ve found your favourite pair of shoes you want to hold onto them. Asics has some simple steps you can take to make sure that they are ready to clock up yet more km. The team say you should remove the sock liner or insole and wash separately, take out the laces to wash or replace and remove surface dirt using an old toothbrush, warm water and anti-grease soap. To finish, Asics says that you should stuff the inside of the shoe with newspaper and leave to dry out.

Boxing Gloves
Knockout Gear ( says how to make sure your gloves go a few more rounds

You can keep your boxing gloves fighting fit with a few simple techniques says Knockout Gear. Wipe the gloves with a baby wipe, hang by the windows for 30 minutes to an hour, then place moth balls inside them to remove any smell.


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