Are You Spartan Tough?

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The famed Reebok Spartan Race is rumoured to be heading to Dubai, so we’ve taken a look at some of the toughest obstacle races around. And don’t think that they’re not for you – women are now making up to 40 per cent of entrants of these races created by ex-military.  HUA! 

Reebok Spartan Race
WHAT: The Spartan Race is a combination of four races created by eight ultra-endurance athletes and a Royal Marine. The team is reluctant to reveal what each race involves, but former races have included crawling under barbed wire, using rope ladders to cross rivers and running the gauntlet of Spartans who tried to stop competors from reaching their goal.
WHERE: Australia, Canada, Mexico, Slovakia, UK and US
WOW: To be the ultimate Spartan you need to take on three races in a single season – the  Spartan Sprint; the Olympic Super Spartan, which features 12km of obstacles; and the Ultra Spartan Beast which is 16km to 19km of obstacles. And if you complete these you can take on the Spartan Death Race, which only 20 per cent finish.
WORTH IT? Sign up at If you want to make sure it comes to Dubai, log onto the site to place your vote – or in true Spartan style – demand it. Early bird price for races USD95. Discounts for groups.

Tough Mudder
WHAT: A 16km to 19km obstacle route designed by the British Special Forces. You can take part on your own or with up to 21 team mates.
WHERE: Australia, Singapore, South Africa, UK and US.
WOW: Only 78 per cent of people complete this madcap journey that includes crawling through trenches, running through fire, crossing a mile-long field of mud, and being stung by live electric wires.
WORTH IT? Apart from the fact you’ll have a smile a mile wide when you finish, you will have helped raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project. Priced around USD95. Discounts for groups. See

Warrior Dash
WHAT: Known as the world’s largest-running series, the Warrior Dash is a 5km fun run with a difference. You still get to wear the Fuzzy Warrior Helmet, you’ve just got to keep it on while you crawl through mud, over walls and when you’re crossing rivers.
WHERE: Australia, Denmark, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway and USA.
WOW: With the Warrior Dash, you are also looking at rope climbs across rivers, runs through beds of fire, and trenches filled with live electric wires.
WORTH IT? Funds raised go to the St Jude’s Children’s Hospital.  From USD45. You’re also encouraged to leave your shoes and bring old shoes from home to give to charity. Log onto


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