CrossFit Star’s Favourite WOD

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Reebok CrossFit LifeSpark owner Candice Ford came home from the Crossfit Asia Regionals with another medal to add to her trophy cabinet. So to celebrate the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games we thought we’d ask her to reveal her favourite Workout Of The Day (WOD).

“The thing that I love most about CrossFit is the constant variety, and the option to never do the same workout twice,” says Candice. “That said, there a few movements I love to see come up. A workout, like the one I’ve created here, that’s short, heavy and has gymnastic elements would be right up my street.” If you’re not quite up to lifting the kg that Candice is clocking up, don’t worry, as she’s included a scaled down version of the workout too.


“Such a high intensity WOD requires a comprehensive warm up, movements prep and mobility work prior to getting started,” says Candice.

Row 500m to 800m
3 leisurely rounds of: 5 push ups, 5 pull ups, 10 squats
Roll out lats, traps and glutes with a LAX ball.


“CrossFit WODs often look short and simple when compared to an hour long class,” says Candice, “but the beauty, and effectiveness of the workouts come from the intensity at which the workouts are completed.”

3 rounds for time:
9 handstand push up
7 squat snatch @95lb
5 muscle ups


The Handstand Push Up

IMG_1093 50

IMG_1094 50


The Squat Snatch

IMG_1095 50 IMG_1100 50

IMG_1102 50

The Muscle Up

IMG_1103 50

A scaled down version you could try…

3 rounds for time:
9 ‘pop’ push ups
7 hang power snatch @45lb (or you can do a kettlebell swing if you’re unfamiliar with the snatch)
5 pull ups or ring rows


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 * Speak to your doctor before attempting any workout.


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