Double Duty Workouts

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Inger Larsen from SHP shows us five moves that target two or more parts of your body

If you love to multitask, you’re going to love this. Trainer and nutritionist Inger Larsen demos five moves that will help you get more out of your gym sessions. “I choose compound exercises for my workouts because it involves more muscle mass, burns more calories and triggers the hormonal system more,” says Inger. “I am a fan of keeping it simple. If the exercises are done correctly with the appropriate load, volume and frequency, you don’t need much more variation than the ones featured below.”

How It Works
Do the exercises in the following order. Do 10 reps and three or four sets. Rest for 2 minutes before starting next set. “Load the bar so it makes each set challenging for you,’ says Inger.


DDW#1 Deadlift
Works: hamstrings, glutes and back

Grip bar at shoulder width. Keep spine neutral and stand up, keeping torso in the same angle while bar is below knees. After bar passes knees extend hips to a standing position. Keep bar in contact with bar at all times. Reverse process when lowering the bar.

IMG_1546 50IMG_1544 50Too much? Try this! Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift
Place the kettlebell between legs, feet slightly wider than your shoulders. Keep neutral spine and torso as vertical as possible. Bend down to pick up the kettlebell with both hands. Stand tall, knees tracking toes.

IMG_1577 50


DDW#2 Shoulder Press
Works: shoulders and triceps

Position bar chest high with torso tight. Retract head back while pressing bar overhead until arms are fully extended.

IMG_1572 50IMG_1571 50

Too much? Try this! Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Keep dumbbell lateral from the shoulder joint elbows pointing down. Press dumbbell straight up until arms are fully extended.

IMG_1542 50


DDW#3 Squat
Works: quads, glutes and hamstrings

Rest bar on shoulders and keep weight towards heels. Keep neutral head and spine throughout movement. Sit back and down keeping chest up. If mobility allows, let hip joint come below knee joint. Knees track over second toe. Drive up though heels.

IMG_1573 50IMG_1574 50

Too much? Try this! Goblet Squat
Same movement as the squat, but instead of resting a bar at shoulders, hold a kettlebell with both hands in front of body.

IMG_1548 50


DDW#4 Chin Up
Works: back and biceps

Grab bar with underhand shoulder-width grip. Pull up until chin is above the bar. Lower body until arms and shoulders are fully extended. Use elastic band for assistance if needed.

IMG_1539 50IMG_1538 50

Too much? Try this! Ring Row
Lay as horizontal as possible under rings. Keep body straight and pull body towards rings until chest is at level with rings. Return until arms are extended.

IMG_1569 50


DDW#5 Lunges
Works: quads, glutes and hamstrings

Rest bar on shoulders. Lunge forward so that rear knee gently touches the floor. Drop body straight down after front foot hits floor and keep forward knee over second toe of front foot. Keep spine neutral.

IMG_1551 50IMG_1534 50

Too much? Try this! Dumbbell Lunge
Do lunge holding dumbbell to the side or using bodyweight only.

IMG_1540 50


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