How To Punch Like A Champion

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Fancy joining the White Collar Boxing crowd and stepping into the ring? Natalie Jenkinson, four time Australian boxing champion, gives us her tips for the top… (Hey, we don’t ask just anyone for you)


Before the competition I would visualise the fight. I’d think about the whole scenario. I’d picture the venue, the punches and on the night I would feel as if I’d already fought the fight. When I was visualising, my heart rate would rise even though I was sat still.

I would do running for cardio, boxing and weights for strength, and swimming to stretch and make sure that I didn’t just build up one arm. You get injuries if you’re not balanced.

Skipping. It’s good for timing and it relaxes me. I will do 20 minutes before I work out and mix it up with double unders.

I get into an ice bath after competition. I will do three sets of three. I will lie in the ice bath for three minutes, then rest outside for three minutes and then return to the bath. I will drink heaps and heaps of water. I will drink 5ltr or 6ltr within 30 minutes. I would finish my cool down with a sports massage from the physios.



Mouth guard – don’t step into the ring without it.

Water – hydration is so important.

Wraps (a strip of cotton material used to protect hands during boxing)

Skipping rope – for my warm up.

Liniment – to help warm up the muscles

Butterfly stitches – just in case I get any knocks during practise

Gloves – an essential obvs



  • Hold your hands high for defence.
  • Split your weight 60/40 through your legs and go up on to your toe on the back foot.
  • Rotate as you punch so the power comes through the hips.
  • Push arm straight out and only rotate hand at the end. Don’t rotate your hand before your arm is straight out otherwise you’ll damage your elbow.
  • Take your fist straight back to the chin. If you don’t do this it’s a recipe for disaster as you have left yourself wide open.


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