Yoga For Stress-Free Travel

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Celeb yoga guru and Reebok Yoga Ambassador Tara Stiles shows how you keep calm every time you travel (even when they tell you that your luggage is on its way to Guatemala)


On the ground come into a low lunge with your right leg forward. Scoot your front foot over toward your left hand and ease your right knee to the ground by your right hand so your shin is resting on the ground. Rest your hips on the ground. Sit up as tall as you can. Your hips and shoulders should be facing forward. Relax your torso forward. Hang here for 10 long, deep breaths.

Pigeon (upright) 600

Ankle To Knee
Sit into your front hip and bring your back leg around to your front. Stack your ankles and knees on top of each other. Hang here for 10 long, deep breaths. Make sure to do the other side.

Ankle to Knee 600

Seated Easy Twist
Sit easy and comfortably. Take a big inhale and lift your right arm up. Exhale and twist toward your left side placing your right hand on your left thigh and your left fingertips behind your spine on the ground. Exhale as you twist around. Hang here for 5 long, deep breath and do the other side.

Seated Easy Twist (hand on opposite knee) 600


Seated Meditation
Sit comfortably and pay attention to your breath for 5 minutes. If you notice your mind wandering, guide your attention back to your breath.

Seated Meditation 600

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