Healthy Halloween Treats

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Let’s face it – Halloween brings out the big kid in all of us. We’ve tracked down some healthy Halloween treats that are low in scary calories


monster fruit salad health advocateMONSTER FRUIT SALAD
Carve out a water melon, use the spare skin for the ears. Then add grapes for the eyes. Cube the watermelon flesh and add cubes of honeydew melon plus more grapes. [healthadvocate]


spider plum body grape legs

Use a plum for the body and fix grapes on to toothpicks for the legs. Finish with marshmallow and a blob of icing on the eyes.  It’s so tasty, it looks as if someone’s already eaten two of the legs.


watermelon-brain peel and carve channelsBRAINY IDEA
Peel a watermelon, then use a knife to carve our the channels. It’s so easy, it’s scary. [] apple bites with almonds slivers

quarter an apple, then remove a section from the quarter to create a mini mouth shape. Use slivers of almonds as teeth. []


health advocate

Use chocolate buttons for the halved bananas, then add strips of celery to the peeled satsumas. [healthy advocate]


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