Kit You Should Be Using – Not Ignoring

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UAE PT Melissa Lowry says why you shouldn’t be leaving these babies in the corner



That long-forgotten jump rope isn’t child’s play, believe me.  It is an excellent tool for increasing cardiovascular endurance, core strength and coordination.


Warm up with a basic two-legged hop for five to 10 minutes then do… 

Alternating Toe Taps: While jumping rope with forward motion, shift your bodyweight from side to side moving one foot in front of the other and tapping your toes. Perform toe taps for 1 minute, three times. 

Front Straddle: Split your stance in a lunge position while jumping rope – this exercise engages the quadriceps. Perform 50 repetitions, three times.




You probably bought a pair of these around the same time you bought your first Jane Fonda video, and like those legwarmers these need to make a comeback. Use them during weightlifting and resistance training for an increase in leg strength, speed and power.


Quarter Kick: Position yourself on all fours and lift one leg up and out to the side while keeping your back straight and elbows soft.  The Three Quarter Kick not only engages the hamstrings and glutes, but the inner thigh. Alternate each leg for 25 reps, four times.

Reverse Scissors: Lie flat on your stomach with arms outstretched in front of you. Dig your abdominals into the mat, keep a soft knee and open your legs as wide and as straight as you comfortably can while you move them over one another. Complete 20 reps, three to five times.




Dust off that Swiss Ball and make it part of your workout. This will help you take your abs workout to the next level.


Jack Knife: After holding a plank on the Swiss ball and while maintaining a neutral spine, draw your knees toward your chest, hold and return to the start position.  Repeat 20 reps, three times.

Swiss Ball Push-up: In plank position, with your feet on the ball (the farther the ball from your torso, the more intense the exercise will be), lower your chest – with proper head and spine alignment – toward the ground.  Push back to the start position and repeat 12 to 15 reps, three times




The band provides a level of resistance to any exercise while promoting range in mobility.  It is an effective tool to supplement your vigorous activity.


Standing Side Shoulder Raise: Place the Pilates band horizontally below you and step in the middle with one foot.  Position yourself in a split-stance like a lunge and pull the band up and out to your sides to the height of your shoulders.  Maintain tension and control as you drop arms to the outside of your thighs and repeat 15-20 reps, three times.

Kneeling Bicep Curls: Place the band horizontally below you and place your knees in the middle. Pull the bands to your sides holding your upper arms stationary while lifting only your forearms to the height of your shoulders.  Contract your biceps at the top and slowly release your arms to the side of your thighs and repeat for 15 reps, three times. 



Melissa Lowry is an ISSA-certified personal trainer and Group Fitness instructor at New York University in Abu Dhabi.

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* Speak to your doctor before doing any exercise.









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