Bikini Body Workout! Great Glutes

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UAE PT Derryn Brown of The Hundred studio shows you how tone your lower body in three calorie-blasting moves

How It Works
Do the entire circuit five to six times.

Single Leg Deadlift With Medicine Ball
Balancing on one leg while the other leg is bent upwards, holding the medicine ball in the hand opposite to that straight leg, lean forward towards the ground whilst bring your leg straight behind you. Let the medicine ball touch the ground and then return to starting point.
Sweat It! Do 15 reps on each leg.


Sumo Squats With Medicine Ball
Squat performed with toes turned out. Lower until upper thigh is parallel to the floor. Hold the medicine ball out in front of the body.
Sweat It! Do 15 reps.

Derryn move 2

Side Lunges With Medicine Ball
Begin with feet together. Step out to the side, bending the stepping knee. Keep the standing leg straight. Hold the medicine ball in front of you or on your sides.
Sweat It! Do 15 reps on each side.

Derryn move 3


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Trainer Derryn Brown ( Photography IBP Make-Up Inglot ( Clothing Lorna Jane Dubai ( Shot on location at Riva Beach Club (


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