Healthiest Flights Around?

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Feel good and look great when you touch down at your destination


The One Where You Do Deepak Chopra’s Yoga

Celeb yogu guru Deepak Chopra has joined with Qatar Airways to make you feel as great as one of his A-list clients. He has created a Fly Healthy, Fly Fit programme that modifies your favourite yoga poses so that you can practice them 30,000 feet above ground. From Sitting Sun Salutations to So Hum meditation and Nostril Breathing, Chopra has created a workout that will have you bouncing through arrivals.


The One With A La Carte Menus

Zut alors! Air France is showing that healthy food can be tasty too by launching in inflight A La Carte Menu with a Healthy option for 2019. Alongside the Traditional, Ocean and Fauchon menu, you can now order a starter of quinoa, a main of grilled chicken and thyme, an ash-coated goat’s cheese and a bourbon vanilla panna cotta. The menu will change again for the Fall. So click on the inflight options before you fly.


The One With The Celeb Spa Collab

Singapore Airlines has joined with top US spa Canyon Ranch to create make sure that its new 18 hour 45 minute flight from the Lion City to New York is your best one yet. It has created an inflight programme that focuses on wellbeing. From choosing the light settings in the cabin to add sleep and relaxation to creating wellness menus that focuses on nutrition and hydration. So after you have tucked into Seared Chicken and Zucchini Pappardelle and Lox Eggs Benedict, practise the guided stretching exercises, before it’s lights out and hello NYC.


The One That’s The First Meditation Flight

Virgin Australia has joined with mindfulness app Smiling Mind to create the world’s first dedicated mediation flight. Instead of plugging yourself into the latest blockbuster, the teams are encourage you to access the Smiling Mind guided meditations through the Entertainment System and reduce your levels of stress and anxiety during your flight. Hurtled to the airport at the last minute? Now is your time to find your moment of Zen.


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