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When you’ve been smashing it at the gym, a simple body massage isn’t going to cut it. You need to put those achy muscles in the hands of the professionals to make sure that you’re ready to score another PB at your next workout session. 

Up And Running
This former spa is home to one of the hottest sports clinics in Dubai. It’s a one-stop shop for getting you back on the road after injury. While it might feature chandeliers and fluffy towels, sports massage for this team is a serious business. The sports massage involves an acupressure technique. It’s like acupuncture, but without the needles. The therapist will push on all your pressure points to remove blockages. While this packs more punch than you would expect, the result is extemely effective. Priced Dhs300. Visit

When you walk in the clinic it’s clear that you’re not going to hear any tinkling Thai music – you’re going to get a massage that will blast away any knots you’ve incurred. A session will include a massage using pummeling movements to shift unwanted knots and you’ll also be treated to a walk-away service too. Your massage doesn’t just end in the clinic, you’re expected to do some homework too. Priced Dhs200. Visit

Chiropractic Dubai
This clinic works with football teams on a regular basis. So brace yourself for a massage that will pummel every muscle in your body. No knot is left untangled – even if this means reaching for the ice to blast those tricky areas into submission. Priced Dhs480. Visit

California Chiropractic and Sports Medicine
Susana Riberio, the former physio for the Portuguese National Football Team, is based at this clinic. And if she’s good enough for Ronaldo, she’s good enough for us. A former athlete herself, Susana manipulates soft tissues, ligaments, tendons and joints to help get you back to the gym in no time. Visit


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