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Cryotherapy not only helps you blast your muscles post workout, but it boosts your complexion too, says Tara Parkinson


THE STATS: Cryo Health, the Dubai centre brought us the -140°C sports rehab treatment, has just launched a space-age treatment for your face. The Beauty Angel facial uses light to help stimulate the body’s production of collagen and chilled air to boost your circulation. The result is tighter, plumper, smoother skin.


THE WOD: “After the team told me about what the treatment was and why it worked, I was taken into a small treatment room and told to lie faceup on the bed. At first it seemed like a typical facial. The therapist removed my make-up, used a light scrub and applied a green tea mask on my face  – in fact, the only thing that was missing was background music.  However, she then placed a set of goggles over my eyes and for the next 15 minutes I was under the ELT light machine (Energising Light Technology).  She explained that ELT helps stimulate collagen and the absorption of the mask into the skin.  The light was extremely bright, but with the goggles on and my eyes closed I began to relax and enjoy what felt like warm sun rays on my face without the harmful UVAs.

When the therapist returned she turned off the light, peeled off the mask and then used the used the cryo air machine for 10 minutes on my face.  I thought I might run for cover when the nitrogen-chilled air started heading in my direction, but it was surprisingly soothing.  Once the cryo treatment finished, she applied a small amount of organic moisturiser to my face and I was good to go…”


THE RESULT: This treatment is fast and effective. My skin can be a little sensitive, but this facial didn’t cause my skin any problems as it was so soothing.  At the end of the treatment my skin looked noticeably better and given the results of just one session I am tempted to go again soon.


THE PRICE:  From Dhs275 per session. A package of 10 is Dhs2,250. Visit for more details.



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