Cardio With Weights

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You don’t need to go running to get your cardio fix – just pick up a barbell says UAE PT and co-founder of The Body Challenge Salma Branford


How It Works

Do not drop the barbell before completing 1 rep of each exercise. The four exercises together equal one compete round. Do as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes.




The Set Up: Start with your feet shoulder-width apart and stand so the bar is touching your shins. Place your hand with a double-overhand grip – with your hands slightly wider than your feet.

The Lift: Before you lift, take the tension off the bar. You need to pull it hard and fast, but never snatch it. Look straight ahead, exhale then take a deep breath in and drive your heels into the floor. Push up with your legs and lower back so the bar moves all the way to your hips.

The Lock: The final part of the move involves locking the shoulders so the bar is held under complete control. Once the knees lock and you’re straight, retract your shoulder blades and keep your head high with the bar under control.

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The Transition: Keep your gaze forward, your lower back in its natural arch and your arms straight as well as your shoulders directly over the bar, continue pulling upward until the bar is at the level of your mid-thigh.

The Second Pull: Quickly and powerfully thrust your hips forward and upward, straighten your knees, and extend your ankles, as if trying to jump straight up off the floor (you may or may not actually get “air,” but you should try). As you feel the bar gain upward momentum, fully shrug your shoulders as quickly as possible, keeping your arms straight. As the bar starts to rise, bend and raise your elbows outward as high as possible, keeping the bar close to your body, as if performing a passive version of an upright row exercise.

The Catch: As the bar approaches its maximum height, quickly pull your body underneath it, landing solidly in a quarter- to a half-squat position with your gaze forward and torso upright. At the same time, rotate your elbows forward and under the bar, allowing your grip on the bar to loosen as your wrists turn upward. Catch the bar on the fronts of your shoulders. Once the bar feels steady, slowly stand upright.

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The Downward Phase: At this point in the push press, you want to move your hips back and down like you have a hinge at your hips. When you lower your hips, your knees will slowly move forward – try and limit this forward movement as it hinders this exercise. And make sure your back stays flat.

The Upward Phase: Start from your lowered position, making sure that you are looking slightly up. Then quickly drive through your heels, extending your hips upwards and pushing both your shoulders and hips up at the same time to an upright posture.

The Extended Phase: By this time in the barbell push press, you will have reached near full extension. Though your knees and hips may have reached full extension, continue pushing up at your toes while pressing the bar over your head into full extension. During this final overhead push, do not arch your back under any circumstances.

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Caution: This is not an exercise to be taken lightly. If you have back issues, substitute it with the dumbbell squat variation or a leg press instead. If you have a healthy back, ensure perfect form. Be cautious as well with the weight used; in case of doubt, use less weight.

To transition from push press to back squat, slightly drop the bar behind your neck to commence the back squat. Begin to slowly lower the bar by bending your knees and hips as you maintain a straight posture with the head up. Continue down until the angle between the upper leg and the calves becomes slightly less than 90-degrees and make sure your knees don’t go over your toes. Inhale as you perform this portion of the movement.  Begin to raise the bar as you exhale by pushing the floor with the heel of your foot as you straighten the legs again and go back to the starting position.

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Trainer Salma Branford ( Shot on location at Evolve Gym ( Clothing Adidas ( Make-up Inglot ( Please consult a doctor before attempting any exercise.



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