Celeb Workouts In Dubai

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Hollywood’s hottest calorie burners can be found on our shores

Loved by: Sofia Vergara
You’re either Team Soulcycle or Team Flywheel in the States. And it’s the more athletic celebs that you find at Flywheel. But if you think you’ve seen that, been there with your spinning class, it’s time to think again. Each class gives you climbs and descents while you workout your arms with weighted bars. What’s more, the Flywheel class not only gives you feedback on how you’re doing thanks to the techpack on your bike, but your results are sent to the main computer so your instructor knows if you’re slacking too.
SWEAT IT OUT: dubai.flywheelsports.com. Classes from Dhs110.The first class is free. So what’s stopping you?

Loved by: Kyra Sedgewick

Created for the Japanese Olympic ice-skating team, Tabata focuses on high intensity interval training. You work for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. You do this anaerobic exercise for four minutes in total, and then repeat eight times. It sounds easy, but there’s a reason why it’s so great at fat-burning.
SWEAT IT OUT: Tamereen.tv

Loved by: J.Lo

This simple piece of kit is said to be part of J.Lo’s workout. And while it may look inoffensive, the simple workout tool designed by a US marine, can help you hit muscles from top to toe. The idea is that you use your bodyweight as resistance while working through a series of exercises. This is one workout you can do at home, in your hotel room, anywhere… Just tie the TRX to a doorframe. But you might want to check out a class first so you can practice your technique.
SWEAT IT OUT: Aviation Club, Dhs50 (04) 282 4122 and Emirates Golf Club, Dhs55, dubaigolf.com.

Loved by: Jessica Biel

Mrs Timberlake was said to get into white-dress worthy shape with CrossFit sessions. Dubai has its own CrossFit Box at Jumeirah Lake Towers. You won’t find any treadmills in this gym however. This box, filled with barbells, skipping ropes, rings and mats, which will all help you burn as many calories. After taking a Fundamentals session that teaches you the basics, you can then take group classes where you’re given Workouts of the Day (WOD).
SWEAT IT OUT: Reebok CrossFit LifeSpark. Unlimited classes Dhs900 a month.

Loved by: Jennifer Aniston

The Hawaiians used stand up paddling to travel around the islands, now the celebs are using it to escape the paparazzi. This watersport not only gives your arms and legs a workout as you try to balance on the board and propel yourself around the Burj, but it also engages your core too. It’s a great option for a first date as not only can you show off your athletic prowess, while you rock a hot bikini too.
SWEAT IT OUT: Private Express Lesson Dhs175 per session (20 minutes lesson, one hour rental) at surfingdubai.com.


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