Celeb Yoga Guru Kit

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Celebrity yoga instructor Leila Johnson reveals what helps her nail her asanas

EYE PILLOW “This is a must-have for me when I do my yoga. I just slip it on and go into a restorative pose, such as a child’s pose. It’s the perfect way to centre my body and relax.”

SESAME OIL “This is an ayurvedic trick. Before I start my yoga session I brush up to 2tbsp of sesame oil over my skin and towards my heart. It helps calm down my nervous system.”

A PB-FREE MAT “I have several mats, but they all need to be PB free, environmentally-friendly and thin. I’m Scandinavian so I’m rough and tough and don’t need the extra cushioning. I like to use a thin mat so I can feel the floor more.”

MY WORKOUT GEAR “It’s usually pajamas or yoga gear, but if I’m being honest I usually do yoga in my underwear. I do my workout as soon as I get up.”

COLD-PRESS JUICE “When I finish, I always have a cold-press juice to hydrate. I couldn’t live without my Norwalk Juicer.”

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Kourtney Kardashian’s yoga instructor Leila runs masterclasses at Zen Yoga in Dubai. Look out for her next course at www.yoga.ae


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