Apps That PTs Love

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We asked Dubai’s PTs for their favourite health, food and fitness apps. Download these babies now…


“Mynetdiary is my favourite app because it is personalised to your weight-loss or weight-gain goals. It breaks down your calories into fat, protein and carbs on a daily basis, and tracks how much calories you consumed and how much left in your day. It’s like a mini dietitian on your iPhone!” – Hanan Wehbi,


“I love Instagram at the moment. I am getting much better at using it, and love discovering such a diverse community. I especially like to see friends, athletes and competitors developing and achieving their CrossFit goals.” – Candice Ford,


“It’s brilliant. You record your workouts and get points for a job well done. It’s mildly competitive too, because you can compare to others in the fitocracy community. It even hosts exercise competitions and fitness courses.” – Claudia Charlton @claudialw


“As a fitness professional it’s helped me find so much awesome new music. The music makes the class experience what it is.” – Barry Ennis,


“This app removes all the guess work. It tracks how many calories and nutrients you have consumed. Just use your phone to scan the barcodes on the food packaging and click ‘add’ a portion to your day’s summary. If you add your partner or training buddy to the site, you can support each other – simply thinking that someone maybe watching you makes all the difference to self-discipline.” – Dylan Eiffe,


“An app I love is the Muscle System Pro III. It’s great to see and use with those I teach to help them learn about their body.”­ – Becky Hart,,


“Eat Right 4 Your Type is an easily accessible application, which highlights the blood type diets and their correlation to science. It’s very easy to use, an eye opener and has a lot of useful information.” – Omar Al-Duri,


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