4 Signs You’re Dehydrated

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As the temperatures rise it’s even more important to pay attention to your water intake. Here are four signs that will let you know when it’s time to hit the bottle

Need to perk yourself up at 4pm? It’s not a chocolate run to the store that’s needed – it’s a trip to the water cooler. As celebrity PT Ramona Braganza told The Sweat Shop, you only need to be dehydrated by two per cent for your energy levels to take a dip.

If you cramp up after a workout, your hydration levels could be to blame. Michael Bergeron of the National Institute for Athletic Health & Performance said recently that “When the nerves that connect to the muscles aren’t surrounded by as much water and sodium as they need,” they become sensitive and start to spasm. Remedy the situation with a sodium-packed sports drink.

If it’s mid afternoon and you still haven’t been to the bathroom, this is a big clue that you’re suffering from dehydration.  No matter how busy you are, the experts say that you should have taken a bathroom break by now. Place a two-litre bottle of water on your desk to use as a visual aid and make sure you drink from it throughout the day. And when you do go to the bathroom you’re looking to pass a pale lemonade colour.

That pile of reports on your desk might be giving you a headache, but also the fact that you haven’t drunk enough water. Boffins at the Mayo Clinic say that just mild dehydration is enough to trigger a headache.


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