Foods That Boost Your Fertility

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If you want to increase your chances of becoming a mommy to be, nutritionist Karin G Reiter the foods that you’ll want to chow down on and the ones you want to avoid



High in both Omega 3 and 6 (essential fatty acids), these tiny seeds are great for balancing hormones. Soak them in water for at least four hours or
grind them fresh before adding them to smoothies, breakfast cereals and salads.

Goji Berries
Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, goji berries are known to have powerful antioxidants and also have been shown to improve sperm count in
men. Add them into smoothies, eat them in your trail mix or add them to your green tea.

Leafy Green Vegetables
These nutritional powerhouses are high in the super important folic acid, which can prevent certain birth defects.



Trans Fats
Found in nearly all processed foods (sauces, biscuits, chips, crackers, ready-made food…) these nasty oils are bad for the heart, but have also shown that they can reduce ovulation in women.

Time to kiss the morning latte good bye, coffee has shown to reduce the blood flow to the uterus and therefore interfere with implantation
of the egg. Try having Dandelion Root coffee substitute.

Anything White
White rice, white bread, white sugar, white salt – anything white – it has no nutrition in it and causes your blood sugar to rise sharply causing your body havoc.

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