New Dance Workouts In Dubai

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Heard your friends raving about a new class, but haven’t got a clue what it is. Don’t worry. We’ve got the skinny on the latest workouts to hit Dubai…


Xtend Barre is a ballet-style workout that has you practicing ballet moves at the barre. The Xtend Barre Stick is a piece of dowling that is tied to the barre with two elasticated bands. It helps you introduce Pilates moves into this ballet-based session. You grip the sprung stick as you practice your lunges, plies and leg lifts. The result is a toning workout with added resistance.
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A US ballet barre class that works each muscle until exhaustion. During the 57-minute session you’ll do cardio, strength training and stretching to tone those arms, thighs, glutes and abs. You start the class with a short warm-up using handweights and then you transfer to the barre where you work your way through a routine of easy to understand – but tough to do – exercises.  You finish with dynamic stretching. It’s not hard to see why the A-list are addicted.
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Konga is a mash-up of kickboxing, cardio, dancehall and disco. This high-energy workout is said to burn 700 calories an hour. While you get to workout to different styles of music, UAE Konga Ambassador Maira Melara says the class is easy to understand. “It’s a mixture of four steps per song. Step one could be a jab and cross; step two could be knee lift then punch; step three could be skipping and step four could be jab/cross and hands up [where you move your arms above your head}.”
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