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New York favourite Physique 57 reveal the tracks they are pulsing to this month. Start downloading them now!



The Music: “Right Now” – Rihanna
The Move: The Pretzel
The fun beat of ‘Right Now’ helps you make it through one of our most effective exercises. Start seated with your right leg at a 90 degree angle in front of you and your left leg at a 90 degree angle behind you (so you form an ‘S’ shape with your legs). Place your hands forward in a line parallel to your right shin, framing your knee. Bring your left thigh as far behind you as possible, making sure your knee is behind your hip.  Rotate your knee down and your toes up. Lift your back knee just off the floor, maintaining the knee lower than the foot. While moving your leg, scoop your abdominals up and actively engage your core so that you are seated as upright as possible and are light on your hands.  Begin small, controlled lifts of your leg, keeping your leg an inch or so off the floor.
The Muscles: Butt, abductors, hamstrings and obliques.



The Music: “People Like Us” – Kelly Clarkson
The Move: Flat-back Abs.
At Physique 57, we thoroughly work the abdominals. The abs are often hard to zone-in on but our signature class targets the abs from every angle – upper, lower, and obliques are all worked to the point of exhaustion. ‘People Like Us’ starts calm making it a great transition to slowly zone in on the abdominals. A typical abs session at Physique 57 involves the barre, however, you can until you get the chance to trial the class you can enjoy intense crunch session at home.
The Muscles: Abs.



The Music: “Goin’ In”  –  Jennifer Lopez
The Move: Thigh-dancing.
This exercise is definitely one of our most intense but it can also be a lot of fun.  Play ‘Goin’ In’ and try to “thigh dance” it out for 60 seconds. If you haven’t tried thigh dancing yet, sit on your heels in a kneeling position. Your knees should be hips width apart. Lift your seat 2.5cm to 5cm off your heels. Keep your torso upright with your hands on your hips. Once you are in the position, begin a small lift up and down making sure to keep your seat just 2.5cm to 5cm off your heels the whole time. You can shake, circle and/or tuck your hips while coordinating movement with your arms.
The Muscles: Quads and core.


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