Bikini Body Workout! Abs

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UAE PT Cindy-Louise Moxon shows you how to get a six-pack for the beach season. Start stocking up on those designer bikinis right now



Hold side plank for 20 secs. From the side plank position bring the arm down to the ground so you are in a plank position with both hands on the ground. Go down onto your right elbow then your left elbow. Come up to the start plank position with your right hand followed by the left hand. Repeat for 10 reps. No rest after front plank. Go straight into side plank on the opposite side and hold for 20 secs. Now place your hand in the air back on the mat, but when you lower lead with the left elbow making contact with the ground first and complete 10 reps.
SWEAT IT! Take a short rest of no more than 30 secs. Repeat these exercises back to back 2 or 3 times.

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Lie on your back with your arms stretched behind your head and your legs straight. Keep your legs slightly elevated off the ground. Keep your arms straight, perform an abdominal crunch and raise your legs at the same time.  Aim to have the palms of your hands facing your ankles (but not touching). In a controlled motion return to the starting position.
SWEAT IT! Do 1 sec up, 2 sec down pace. Do as many reps as possible until failure, 30 secs rest and complete 3 sets.
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Knees To Chest
Start by laying on the floor keeping your upper body weight on your elbows, hands just behind your glutes and close to your sides.  Start with your legs extended and heels about 3-6 inches off the ground. Bring your knees to your chest and lift off your elbows so your knees meet with your chest. Lower your upper body weight back down on to your elbows while simultaneously extending the legs to the start position – again heels raised about 3-6 inches off the floor.
Sweat It! Do these reps nice and slow – 2 counts up and 2 counts down.


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Cindy specialises in pre- and post-natal workouts. To train with Cindy or find out more about Glory Girl Grow visit


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