Physique 57’s 15-Minute Morning Workout

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Physique 57’s instructor Emily Turner tells us how to squeeze in a top-to-toe workout before breakfast

5 Minutes – Warmup
Push-ups – 20 reps, then continue with planks. You can hold the traditional plank position or raise alternate legs when you do it to ramp it up a bit. Just mix it up a little.

5 Minutes – Raise Your Heart Rate
Take it in turns to do lunges with alternative legs, then take the wide second position [bend at knees, feet slightly turned out, straight back, chest lifted, feet shoulder-width apart] and raise and lower your body in a wide squat. “The thighs is the largest muscle group and by working your thighs you really get your heart rate up,” says Emily.

5 Minutes – Work Your Core
Before you tuck into your oatmeal, do five minutes of sit-ups.


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