Snacks Under 100 Calories

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You don’t need to turn to chocolate to quash those hunger pangs. Just check out one of these calorie-counted treatsspecial k bar


Special K Bar – 90 calories
This sweet treat will keep you on the straight and narrow until lunch. And it won’t wreck your calorie count for the day either.



Popcorn – 3 cups
Popcorn is the perfect partner when you’re on a diet. It helps stop that grumbling tummy without hiking up your calorie count. We are taking about the homemade air-blown version though, not the packet you get at the cinema.



Edamame beans – handful
This sushi restaurant snack is famous for being a superfood. Packed with fibre and protein, it helps regulate blood sugar and keep your digestive system in good working order. Wipe off the salt they tend to cover it with though.



Hummus and carrots – (10 carrots with 2tbsp hummus)
This treat makes the perfect TV snack. You can still share it with your family and friends, but it’s a whole lot more healthier for you than a family-sized box of chocolates.



Olives – 20 approx
Low in calories, but high in good fats, this fibre-packed treat is perfect for anyone who is counting calories.



Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt – 100 calories (per half cup)
This fat-free yogurt is a good source of calcium and a healthier alternative to ice cream. It still has sugar in it though, so top your helping with fruit instead of candy or cereal.



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