“I Ran Across The Sahara”

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Doris Matlok ran seven days self-supported through the Sahara

My Challenge While Doris had always enjoyed exercising, she would usually be found in the yoga studio rather than on a running track. But looking for a change, she decided to take up the sport. It wasn’t long before she became addicted to the tarmac and decided to set herself a few challenges. As she developed from a 5km, to a 10km to a marathon and an ironman contest, Doris also became interested in the mental challenge that comes with the sport as well. So in October 2012, she set herself the toughest mental challenge of all – running 250km self-supported across the Sahara.

My Training
Doris gave herself six months to achieve her goal. She would run for two and a half hours outdoors several times a week, and train with high performance coach, Marcus Smith of Inner Fight, twice a week. Marcus’s task was to work Doris’s legs to the point of exhaustion, so that when she was faced with carrying her 9kg kit bag over the dunes she would be able to take it in her stride.

My Result
Doris completed her mindblowing challenge and cross the line with blistered feet, after finishing the last stage in 23 hours. Doris wanted to raise funds for and awareness of the bipolar charity, the Black Dog Institute. For more information see blackdoginstitute.org.au, The Sahara run is one of four desert marathons. Doris is now training to compete in the Gobi desert marathon in June. See 4deserts.com for details.


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