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Nike Running Club Coach Tom Woolf reveals how you can make sure that you’re at the start line for the race and not laid up on the couch


You know when the running season is back in full swing in Dubai – Safa Park is buzzing, the Marina is awash with experienced pavement pounders and newbies are heading to the pharmacy for blister packs. If you’re ready to get involved and get out there, here are my top tips to training smart and recovering quickly.


If you want to deliver come race day, start by overhauling your kit.

Put Your Best Foot Forward. It is important to test your gait. This will analyse how you move and highlight the best footwear to support your function. Nike offer this for free at their stores in Dubai Festival City and Ibn Battuta.

 Choose Substance Over Style Go for lightweight, breathable kit. Choose shoes based on your gait, shorts that aren’t so long that they are restrictive, and a seamless top that reduces any chances of chaffing.

 Track Your Progress Free apps like Nike + will help you see how you perform, and what you can do to get faster and run more efficiently.


You don’t want to just clock up the mileage, you need to work on your speed, strength and power too.

Speed Pair 100m sprints with 100m jog recovery. Perform this circuit 20 times with a two-minute break after every fifth round. Total distance 4km.

Strength Go for large compound movements such as clean and press, deadlift and squats. Keep the reps as high as you can, and the rest time short.

Power As a bolt on or separate session, do a circuit of explosive movements, such as jumps squats, lateral jumps, skipping, split jumps and clap push-ups.



You need to pay as much attention to your recovery as your warm-up.

Take On Water. Drink 500ml of water when you wake up, 500ml pre-breakfast, lunch, dinner and 500ml before bed.

 Absorb Electrolytes. Drink coconut water as it’s packed with natural electrolytes.

Hit The Ice Bath. When you’ve finished training, climb into an ice bath or plunge pool. Alternate between the cold water and a warm shower, spending one minute in each and do three rounds. You will be amazed at how it accelerates your recovery.

Nike at Burj al Arab-36

Tom Woolf launched the Nike Running Club in the Middle East. He is now putting his own fitness levels to the test by cycling from London to Dubai this summer for charity. To donate to OneRide log onto Follow Tom at @NikeCoachTom.


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