The Kit PTs Can’t Live Without

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Dubai’s PTs have a host of first-rate kit at their fingertips, so we asked them to tell us what they really can’t live without. The results may surprise you..


“It has to be skipping rope. If I’m not lifting weights in the gym, I am always using body weight exercises to workout. I never touch the machines, I think they’re evil! We were designed to function freely using our bodies and skipping is a full body workout that targets the legs, glutes and abs! What else could you ask for in a simple lightweight piece?” – Hanan Wehbi,


“If I had to choose one piece of kit it would be a barbell… although, my mobility equipment and pull-up bar would be in the top three!” – Candice Ford,


“I can do a full workout with minimal equipment, possibly even just body weight exercises, but I have to have banging tunes. In the past I’ve walked into the gym for a run, realise I’d accidentally run down my iPod battery, and I’ve walked out again. Different people use different methods for ‘getting in the zone’. For me it’s music.” – Dylan Eiffe,


“The one piece of gym kit I can’t live without would be my stability ball, I use it in my office as my chair and in so many workouts. I love it!” – Becky Hart,,


“If music was already provided then I would say heart rate monitor and watch set from Polar. It helps keep track of your heart rate, calories and stores all your information so that you can always compare your work outs.” – Omar Al-Duri,


“They are the perfect ‘exercise in a handbag’ kit and simple to take with you anywhere for a quick all over workout. A lot of our clients leave Dubai for extended periods over the summer so this is something they can pack for their vacation and not let all their hard work that they’ve done throughout the rest of the year go to waste!”- Amy Saunders,


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