Celeb PTs Turn Designers

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They’ve not only given our bodies a makeover, but these celebrity fitness gurus are now ready to take on our wardrobes too


tracey anderson

Gwynnie’s PT, Tracy Anderson has launched her second line of workout leggings, priced USD60 each. After kickstarting with an all black collection, Tracy has now brought a touch of fun to the workout room with tartan, polka dot and sparkly leggings. From http://tracyandersonmethod.com


The man who brought us the famed P90X home fitness programme has just launched his own apparel collection on his website. Look out for tees with such motivational quotes as “Crush It!”, “Gorgeous!” and “Everything You Want Is Right Outside Your Comfort Zone”.  Running tees from USD38. See http://tonyhortonsworld.com/


tara stiles

Tara has joined with Reebok to launch a new yoga collection. The NYC model turned yogi was determined to show that you don’t need to go to an ashram in India to get involved, you just need to buy a mat. The collection features super stretchy pants ready for you to take on a downward dog and lightweight tees. Priced from USD35. Find the collection at your local Reebok store.


harley pasternak trainerds

He’s sorted out our diet and now Harley’s ready to sort out our shoe collection thanks to his continued collaboration with New Balance. He has produced the Limited Edition Harley Pasternak 997v2, which thanks to the heel drop is designed to work your butt and glutes even more during your workout. Priced USD89.99 from http://www.newbalance.com.


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