Bikini Bottom Workout

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Don’t rest on your butt – work it! Celebrity PT Sarah Maxwell shows us three moves that will leave J.Lo’s booty in the shade


walking lunges

Standing tall with shoulders back and down and abdominals pulled in, feet together. Step forward with right foot, bending both knees so that front knee is aligned over your ankle and the back knee comes close to the floor. Back heel is lifted off the floor. Before your back knee touches the floor, pushup with the back left leg forcing the weight of your body through your right heel. Simultaneously bringing left foot together with right foot stepping through to lunge forward in a continuous movement.
SWEAT IT: Aim to do 16-20 walking lunges (8 to 10 on each leg).



adductor squat

Standing with feet hip-width apart, contract the abdominals and keep them pulled in. Bend the knees and slowly squat down as if you were squatting towards a chair. As you come back up to standing, raise your right leg up and out to the side and back down again into the squat position. Make sure that toes are pointing down to the floor when raising your leg to the side. Swap legs.
SWEAT IT: Try to do 2 sets of 8 to 12 reps on each leg.



reverse lungesREVERSE LUNGES
Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Begin by raising your right knee up in front of you, then extend it back as if taking a first step as to walk backwards. Really reach back with this stride to get a good stretch. Bring that right leg back to the start position and repeat the same movement with your opposite leg. Be sure to keep back straight and abdominals pulled in throughout this exercise.
When doing reverse lunges it is very important that you keep your balance, you might find it easier to be beside a chair/wall in order to have extra stability whilst you build up your strength. Make sure that you knee does not push beyond the toes, keep at a 90 degree angle.
SWEAT IT: 8-16 on each leg.


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