The $39 Workout Tool Athletes Love

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MMA star Fiona Muxlow (@fionamma), says that after a tough training session she will always hit the mat for some trigger point therapy. To keep herself match ready she explains “I do continual maintenance. I do trigger point therapy using a foam roller and ball.”

Fiona uses The Grid Revolutionary Roller, which costs around USD39 from, however, you can find cheaper versions available. She also uses a ball for some of her exercises, which Fiona says you can easily swap for a cricket ball.


“I run the length of my spine over the foam roller. Use your core to move your body across the roller,” says Fiona. Place your feet flat on the floor and the roller underneath your shoulders. Now move your body across the roller until it reaches the base of your back. [Fiona’s heels are now on the floor as the roller has lifted her body slightly.] If you don’t have a strong core, place your feet on the floor and place your hands behind your head to protect your neck.

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Lie on your side with your thigh resting on the roller. Place your hands by your sides to help you balance as you push and pull yourself across the roller. “People will think they have lower back pain, but really it’s because the iliotibial band of fibrous tissue, which runs from their knee to hip is tight,” explains Fiona. This exercise helps stretch it out.

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Lay face down, with the roller underneath your thighs. Now pull and push your body across the roller. If you’re finding this tough on your thighs after your workout, place one foot on the floor and treat one thigh at a time.

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