7 Squats, 7 Days

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Get ready to shimmy into that party dress with the help of celeb PT Rachel Omolewu’s thigh-blasting, tush-tightening moves


How It Works
Do 15 reps each.


Jump Squat
Bend your knees, keeping your back straight, squat down. When your thighs are parallel to the ground, jump up and swing your arms forward to explode upward in the air. Remember to keep your head forward and chest up at all times throughout the movement.


Plie Squat
Start with your feet wider than hip width apart. Bend your knees to drop into a low squat and explode into the air. Land softly, with your knees bent.

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Power Jump Tucks
Bend your knees, keeping your chest up and back straight. Swing your arms to explode up into the air, bringing your knees to your chest. Land in the athletic stance with your knees slightly bent, to prep for the next jump.

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Squat on BOSU Ball
Stand with feet evenly centered on BOSU ball, hip width apart.  Keep your back straight and chest up as you push your hips back into a squat.  Press through the heels and squeeze your glutes as you stand up to starting position.  Standing on the BOSU ball also strengthens the muscles and tendons in the ankles.

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Alternating Power side jumps squats with BOSU Ball
Stand with your right foot in the centre of the BOSU ball.  Bend your knees and push off your left foot to explode into the air. Travel over the BOSU and land with your knees bent and left foot on the BOSU.  Immediately push off with the right foot, and leap into the air back to the other side. That’s one repetition.

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One-Legged Pistol Squat
Stand with your arms straight out in front of your body and raise your right leg off the floor. Push your hips back and bend your left knee to lower your thighs as far as you can. Pause for one second, then push through your left heel to stand up back to the starting position. To make it easier, you can hold a small weight in front of you at chest level to counter-balance.

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Sumo Squat
Keep feet wider than hip-width apart, toes turned out. Keeping your back straight, squat down as low as you can, then push through your heels and return to standing. This is one rep.

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Trainer Rachel Omolewu (www.rachelfitchic.com/about) Photography IBP Make-Up Inglot (http://inglotcosmetics.com) Clothing Lorna Jane Dubai (www.facebook.com/lornajanedubai) Shot on location at Riva Beach Club (www.riva-beach.com)




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