New Gym Kit Debuts In Dubai

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Bored with your workout? You won’t be once you take a look at what these UAE gyms have in store for you


BILT by Agassi and Reyes
The golden boy of tennis switched chilling out on a lounger for making a range of revolutionary gym equipment with his strength and conditioning coach Gil Reyes.
WHERE Fitness First Gyms UAE (
WOW The kit may look familiar, but each piece comes with a twist. The flat bench, for example, comes with a retractable arm so that it lowers the bar safely into your sweet spot. While with the C.O.D you can practise your squats, but move laterally – a must for athletes who duck and dive on the court or field. Yes, Agassi’s not just a pretty face.


cross gym

Cross Gym
A power-packed strength and conditioning programme
WHERE Gold’s Gym in Al Wahda Mall and Etihad Mall.
WOW Cross Gym combines aerobic exercises, acrobatics, Olympic weight lifting and body weight exercises. Stand out pieces of kit include the Power Wheel, rings, hexagonal dumbbells and the Power Ball. These babies are said to help you with your functional movements and help increase your strength. Box fans will love them.






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